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Practice Notes: Flat Ochs vs Angled Ochs

I arrived late at practice to find a lesson already in progress. Lessons are rare at my Wednesday night practice, and longsword lessons even rarer, so naturally I accepted the vorfechter’s offer to join in. The drill was simple enough. … Continue reading

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A Longsword Study Program for Groups without a Proper Teacher

At this point I don’t have access to a competent teacher for Meyer’s Longsword. I know of people who teach early German and Italian longsword, but not the latter stuff that I’m interested in at the moment. So to work … Continue reading

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Introductory Drills for Sword and Buckler (and most other weapons)

These drills are shamelessly stolen from Scott Brown during a MS I.33 seminar hosted by Schola San Marco. If you happen to see one of his courses in your area I highly recommend you take it. Even if you have … Continue reading

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Four Covers from MS I.33

These interpretations of the three covers are based on a MS I.33 seminar presented by Scott Brown. If I am understanding Mr. Brown correctly, the drawings in I.33 use what is known as flat perspective. What this means in real … Continue reading

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What is a Montante?

This is a signature move in the Bolognese tradition, but what do we really know about it? Not much, other than it involved the buckler. Beyond these five there are two which are not principal because they only occur in … Continue reading

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Giganti’s Rapier Lunge

Presented by Gary Chelak of Tattershall

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Bolognese Sidesword Simulator

Bolognese Sidesword – Wild Geese Fencing

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Historical Pell

The pell is called a pendelziel or “hanging/pendulum target”, and it comes from Johannes Bierchenauwer’s 1556 treatise. — Jeremy Loose

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The Dussack – a weapon of war

  It is my belief that the development of the dussack is a direct response to conflicts between the Austria-centred Habsburgian and the “Turkish” Ottoman Empires and especially the Battle of Mohács in 1526 and the Siege of Vienna in … Continue reading

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Practice Notes – Five Ways to Disengage

The first way to disengage is to simply loosen one’s grip so that the point drops. As soon as the blade clears the other side, close your hand and the point snaps back on-line. This works fine for short blades, … Continue reading

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